How care for your tech wear

How care for your tech wear

Good tech wear has two main performances: regulating your body temperature and dealing with moisture. It’s an investment that you will benefit from for a long time to come, as long as you care for it properly. So what is the best way to keep your tech wear fresh and working efficiently?

Wash your gear sparingly and separately from other laundry

Sigma Fit’s tech wear is designed to reduce stains and odors, so you don’t have to wash it as often as your regular clothing. Instead, hang your tech clothing on a good, sturdy hanger and let it air out between uses.

When you do clean your tech wear, wash it separately from the rest of your clothing and use a gentle detergent.


Wash your performance clothing with gentle detergents

Not all laundry detergents are created equal. When used at their full capacity, regular laundry detergents can cause fibers to soak up more water, which can reduce the moisture wicking properties of any piece of technical clothing. It can also oversaturate fabrics and cause them to pill up.

Gentle detergents are your best bet for keeping your gear fully functional and looking its best. There are several effective garment cleaning products on the market that you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on. Baby detergents, “gentle & free” detergents, cleaning products designed for tech wear or any water-based detergent are all good options to make your performance clothing last longer.

Don’t want to drop the extra money on a different detergent? No problem—just use less detergent than you normally would use. A little goes a long way with tech wear and will keep your clothing from oversaturating and losing its beneficial properties.

Use the delicates cycle to wash your gear

Whenever you wash your tech wear, treat it like you would any delicate clothing product. All washing machines offer either delicate wash settings or reduced spin speeds for sensitive products. You could also do it the old fashioned way and hand wash it in the sink to be extra careful!

Do training masks REALLY improve your endurance?

Do training masks REALLY improve your endurance?

Historically, long distance runners and cyclists train at high altitude locations, challenging their lungs to work with reduced amounts of oxygen so they last longer and breathe easier at lower elevations. Training masks simulate the high altitude training experience by restricting your air intake at different levels, forcing your respiratory muscles to work harder and also forcing you to focus on your breathing and movement.


Air Restriction Improves Muscle Endurance

Whenever you use a training mask, you are taking part in what is called Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT). During IHT, the reduced amount of oxygen forced your body to create more hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to tissues in your body to create energy. After you remove the mask, your red blood cells will continue to carry more oxygen to your tissues, thereby giving you more energy to last longer.

Over time your lungs will  adapt to this air resistance and learn to use oxygen more efficiently. You will also gain an increased aerobic threshold and lung capacity so you can train faster, harder, and longer.


Training Masks Help Improve Mental Focus

In addition to carrying fantastic aerobic benefits, wearing a training mask forces you to pay more attention to your breathing and helps you concentrate on your body’s sensations. Bodily awareness, especially with breathing techniques, can have exceedingly positive effects on conditioning.

Together your body and mind form a unit-- in nearly any discipline, the breathing has a major influence on conditioning and concentration. By learning to align your breathing techniques and body movements, you’ll get tougher in your discipline and be able to push your limits and achieve new goals.

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How can we get the best quality Egyptian Cotton fitness clothing, without paying a fortune!

How can we get the best quality Egyptian Cotton fitness clothing, without paying a fortune!

Sigma Fit is Tech- sportswear brand that seeks to provide people with a better workout experience. For that pursuit, it made the best out of Egyptian cotton by mixing it with technologies that promise to change the sportswear field as we know it. Sigma Fit took into consideration people’s needs; therefore, it created:

1-    Hydrophobic T-shirts:

What do people worry about when it comes to their clothes?

  • Sweat
  • Stains
  • Odor

That’s why Sigma Fit created hydrophobic T-shirts that guarantee fewer things to worry about. The hydrophobic technology repels liquids and stains without resorting to substances that might be harmful to people with sensitive skin. Egyptian cotton hydrophobic tops/T-shirts can help you do all sorts of activities -ranging from lounging around all the way to working out in full force- while feeling comfortable. They’ll also help you stop stressing yourself out about getting a bit sweaty or having anything accidentally spilled on your T-shirt or top. To exemplify, we’ll mention some scenarios in which hydrophobic clothing can save the day:

    • You exert a decent amount of effort and sweat starts to break through>>> you won’t worry too much about it since the hydrophobic T-shirt/top will NOT absorb sweat and it will help you avoid getting prominent sweat marks.
    • You accidentally hit into someone while he/she is holding something that may stain your clothes>>> you can instantly get rid of the stain by flicking it off.
    • You sweat excessively for any reason (whether hot weather or physical effort)>>> you won’t feel unconfident about how you smell because Egyptian cotton hydrophobic tops prevent odor caused by microbial accumulation.


2-    Heat-lock T-shirts:

As mentioned above, Sigma Fit is an Egyptian cotton sportswear brand; hence, it was a must to pay heed to other concerns people may have (even the slightest ones). Outdoors workout can often be too cold for those who are cold intolerant; accordingly, we made T-shirts with the heat-lock technology. The heat-lock technology is a savior for those who don’t want to put their entire closet on while working out so that they don’t feel cold. Sigma Fit’s heat-lock T-shirt maintains your body heat and regulates its temperature. So basically, you’ll get to enjoy your workout/run without anything slowing your performance down.

 Egyptian Cotton Hoodie

To sum up, Sigma Fit promises you a one-of-a-kind workout experience. Whether you’re wearing our hydrophobic or heat-lock T-shirts/tops, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and breathable feel with our fabrics that are a smart mix between Egyptian cotton and synthetic materials to provide you with warmth and flexibility for as long as they’re put on. You won’t just enjoy the feel; you’ll also get to test the fabric’s durability. Each of our products has proven to be long-lived and durable. That way, you’ll obviate the need to buy gym clothes frequently. All of which will help you go the extra mile in your daily activities whether you’re cycling, working out at the gym or walking your way through the day while looking your absolute best, and feeling your absolute best!


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