Q1- Will Sigma Fit's hydrophobic products repel all kinds of liquids and stains?

Sigma Fit's products are not stain-proof; they are stain-resistant. Water-based liquids are repelled much better than oil-based liquids. So if you spill soda, coffee, or other liquid on your T-shirt, you can easily flick it off or sprinkle a few drops of water to clean it.

 Q2- How many times can I use Sigma Fit's hydrophobic products before washing them?

Our products have been thoroughly tested by real people, and all of them witnessed how our T-shirts remained odor-free and stain-free for up to 3 weeks before washing them. It all depends on your daily routine and body type.

Q3- What are the washing instructions?

Just like the rest of high-quality garments, we recommend washing Sigma Fit's products with cold water and laundry detergent (no bleach or any other additives). Additionally, Sigma Fit's products dry 30% faster than regular clothing.

Note: Not following these instructions may negatively affect the features of the product.

Q4- Does the repelling feature decrease with washing?

Yes, the more you wash the product, the more the repelling feature decreases. It will take around 10 washes until the feature completely disappears. However, you won't need to wash your Sigma Fit T-shirt as often as regular T-shirts; it will last with you for a longer period of time without needing to be washed.

Q5- What happens when the repelling feature disappears?

You'll still have an awesome product that looks great and feels even greater!

Q6- Can Sigma Fit's products be ironed? 

 Yes! Iron to your heart's content!

Q7- Is this technology safe for people with allergies?

This technology has been proven to be safe for people and the environment. It has no harmful chemicals that might harm your skin, and no allergy cases have been reported.

Q8- If Sigma Fit's products are stain-resistant, then why would I need to wash them?

Sigma Fit's products aren’t 100% stain-resistant, but the absorption capacity is much less in order to be able to resist microbial accumulation. Nonetheless, after multiple uses, the shirt will need to be hand-washed to remain clean.

Q9- For how many days can I still return or exchange my T-shirt?

You can request to return or exchange your T-shirt within 15 days after receiving your order through our courier company.

Q10- Will I get refunded in case of return?

If the product has a manufacturing defect, you will be fully refunded. If you want to return it for any other reason, you will only receive the product's price without the shipping fees.

Q11- Will exchanging my product cost me?

In case you receive the wrong product, the exchange will be for free. But if you want to exchange it for another product (different model or different size), you will only pay the shipping fees.