Sigma Fit is a Tech-wear Company, set to create revolutionary products that solve people’s daily problems. Every product has distinctive properties that mix between technology and innovative designs. 

Hydrophobic Technology

Our Premium fabrics are blended with a technology that makes them repel liquids, stains, and odor. Now, it's time for you to work out without worrying too much about how much you sweat  

Heat-lock Technology

A mix between pure cotton and spandex both woven together in an innovative technique which blocks heat between the body and shirt for a longer time keeping you warm and dry.

Cooling Technology

Cooling technology works on circulating the air around your body which you can always feel fresh and different throughout your workout routine, and that is because it`s chemically reacted to lose heat.  It also gets reacted with water to get cold and give you a great and active look during your workout.

Acti-dri Technology

Sigma fit acti-dri technology is also working on circulating the air around your body because of its chemical ability of losing heat and its high reaction of water. Acti-dri technology is less absorbent and less porous than the cooling technology, yet, it still maintains different feeling and great looking.

Anti-bacterial Technology

Our Anti-bacterial technology helps in killing the bacteria that appears after the body gets sweaty. The demand for fabrics treated with such technology increased with the heave in the global demand for sportswear and apparel. Since people were, and especially now, are turning to be more health conscious, it has led to the rise in consumer demand for apparel with anti-microbial features to prevent the growth of odor and bacteria during physical activities.

Anti-viral Technology

Anti-viral technology is sigma fit`s latest inventions with a fabric that is virus proof as it is treated with Nano technology. The anti-viral textiles appear to become the trendy technology in the sports tech-wear industry, as manufacturers claim these fabrics have a special ability to battle the spread and transmission of infections through different materials.

Sigma Fit is always working on more innovative products, Hydrophobic and Heatlock are just the start, stay tuned for more creative ideas that will change the world of tech-wear.